Paper from
fallen leaves

We're turning bio wastes into sustainable paper
in the production of which not any single tree had been cut.

Our insights

The Mission of Releaf Paper is manufacturing of sustainable paper from biowastes without harming the environment. Together with our clients and partners we change the approach for packaging supply and satisfy growing demand without harming the planet. Our goal is to replace using wood cellulose with leaves fiber to the greatest extend of paper mills across the world.

3 million hectares of forests are annually cut for paper production. Growing demand for packaging materials is estimated to reach $1.05 trillion in 2024.
30% of customers prioritize sustainability in packaging of goods when making buying decisions.


17 trees

We save while we manufacture every 1 ton of paper from fallen leaves

78% CO2

Emission less comparing to traditional paper manufacturing

2,3 tons leaves

Are utilized during manufacturing of each 1 ton of Releaf Paper

x15 less water

Consumption comparing to traditional paper manufacturing

Variety of paper liners with density from 70 to 300 gsm
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Releaf Paper
Applications for
Corrugated cardboard, cardboard sheets, boxes
Retail Packaging
Shopping bags, wrapping paper, e-commerce envelops


That trust in Releaf Paper

In cooperation with global brands we promote an idea of sustainable alternative to extermination of ancient forest for paper.


Releaf Paper is made of leaves that come to production from urban ecosystems of cities. It allows to solve an issue of biowastes disposing in cities and preserve the integrity forest eco-systems. Leaves cleared of debris are loaded to special chemical reactor where influenced by phisycal & chemical processes fibers are extracted. Pulp is backwashed several times to remove third-party elements. Fibrous cellulose is mixing with biological filler. Paper machine gathers up thoses masses into entire canvas and than dries into rolls of paper.

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One of the best and innovative startups from Ukraine awarded by Google

This energy efficient technology turns fallen leaves into paper

It is an opportunity for a customer to use environmentally-friendly packaging.

Businesses, consumers, and the planet are looking for alternatives to plastic and paper packaging. Releaf offers the perfect solution.

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We receive leaves from urban ecosystems of cities, mostly parks and sidewalks

During the production of our paper carbon emissions are reduced by 78%, water consumption is 15 times less and 2.3 tons of leaves per ton are disposed of.
And most importantly – not a single tree had been cut during the production of Releaf Paper.
We produce paper with a density of 70 g / m2 to 300 g / m2 and paper bags of various sizes

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We are looking for active partners & investors to launch Releaf Factories in following regions: EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea. If you have resources and desire to run join venture enterprise with Releaf please contact us at

No, we are not planning to sell franchises due to excessive complexity of the technological process and a large amount of investment required.

It is not possible due to excessive complexity of the technological process and a large amount of investment required.

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